# Doctoral Title order Name order Place of Work order Country order Work Field order
1Dr.phil.Hjalmar P. PetersenFróðskaparsetur Føroya, FøroyamálsdeildinFaroe IslandsHumanities and Social Sciences
2Dr.scient.Hóraldur JoensenFróðskaparsetur Føroya, NáttúruvísindadeildinFaroe IslandsNatural Science and Technology
3LicentiatHelgi NolsøeVinnuháskúlinFaroe IslandsNatural Science and Technology
4Ph.d.Hanna í HorniUttanríkisráðiðFaroe IslandsHumanities and Social Sciences
5Ph.d.Hannes GislasonFróðskaparsetur Føroya, NáttúruvísindadeildinFaroe IslandsNatural Science and Technology
6Ph.d.Hans Andrias SølvaráSøgu- og Samfelagsdeildin, Fróðskaparsetur FøroyaFaroe IslandsHumanities and Social Sciences
7Ph.d.Hans Atli DahlAmplexa GeneticsDenmarkNatural Science and Technology
8Ph.d.Helga EllingsgaardCentre of Inflammation and Metabolism, Centre for Physical Activity ResearchDenmarkLife Sciences
9Ph.d.Helga MikkelsenImperial College London, Centre for Molecular Microbiology and InfectionGreat BritainNatural Science and Technology
10Ph.d.Hilmar SimonsenNáttúruvísindadeildin, Fróðskaparsetur FøroyaFaroe IslandsNatural Science and Technology
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